Hello, Hi, Hello there, is anyone there?

Hello, Hi, Hello there, is anyone there?


Writing this first blog post, the first thing that comes to mind is, "Hello, is anyone out there?" 

The second, I actually Googled, "are blogs still relevant?". Yes, according to the latest blogging statistics (who knew?) apparently 77% of internet users report regularly reading blog posts.

So here I am.

I am Laura, the founder of California Birthday (something I still have to get used to saying :)). Thanks for visiting us. 

Why California Birthday? In a nutshell, that's a story of how Hemp Helps, my wanting to share the natural healing powers of Hemp with as many people as possible, me starting a business from scratch and also a story of Celebrating oneself. 

In 2017, a friend recommended that I try CBD for my period cramps.  At the time, as someone who is really into natural products, to my dismay, I would have to take an aspirin just to get through my day.  So, I reluctantly tried it, and to my complete surprise, it totally worked!  I could not believe it. Why isn't everyone shouting about this CBD stuff? Everyone needs this and although hemp smells like pot, it does not get you high!

So, I thought one day if I ever get the courage to, I will start a CBD brand and it will be called California Birthday. Mind you that I'm completely aware that CBD is three letters and California Birthday is only two words, but that's what popped into my head and that was that.  

I bought the domain name and secured the instagram handle just in case the day would come where I no longer made excuses, got out of my own way and started my own business!

I also knew that I wanted to make products that were as accessible as possible because I believe that everyone should have access to products that will help them feel better (that are legal and healthy for you).

Fast forward a bit, I started whipping up products in my kitchen and sharing them with friends and family. A sort of side hustle as they say.

Anyway, I finally took the leap and put out a website only to realize the hard part is just starting lol. 

You know how people generally tell stories of their "just starting out days" after they have already developed a hugely successful business? Well, California Birthday is bringing you along for the entire journey. Just as we are transparent with what's in our products, we are also going to be transparent with the starting and growing a business process.

Also, before I sign off, one very important pillar of this brand is to always remember to Celebrate You. More on that later. 

If you made it through my first blog post, thank you. If not, I'm totally open to feedback! :)




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