Go, Shorty, it’s your birthday!...Your California Birthday!

California Birthday offers US-grown hemp-based products to help you celebrate yourself as if every day was your birthday. One day out of 365 just isn’t enough to celebrate YOU!




I'm Laura and this is a perfectly candid unretouched photo of me happily relaxing in a pool.

But, it wasn't always like this. I used to be constantly stressed out, I was overweight, I had acne, I was working in international business flying all over the world and just not taking care of myself let alone celebrating myself!

Little by little, I started cleaning up my lifestyle and trying to nourish myself with good for you ingredients which included hemp.  I found that broad spectrum hemp extract provided a natural remedy for many of my ailments (stress, inflammation, period cramps).  I was skeptical, but the benefits were undeniable. Now I want to share them with as many people as possible, so I started a small self-funded business.

California Birthday was founded to remind you to take care of yourself and to CELEBRATE YOURSELF!

xo Laura

P.S. That's my dog Ivan, our mascot, who sometimes uses our drops too. :)