Celebrate You

We offer CBD, CBG & CBN drops that are derived from broad spectrum hemp extract plus they taste yummy.

Made by a small company that cares about your well-being

Celebrate yourself as if every day was your birthday.

day + night duo
  • Eboni H., product: slumber party™
    I upped the dose on the drops (3), and the reward was a full night's sleep, under 7 hours, but fully charged and up and at them. So, I just wanted to say, thank you, for making me a morning girl again...especially during a yearlong pandemic. 

  • Francis R., products: calmfetti™ and slumber party™
    Life changer! These oils have become a part of my daily routine to tackle a variety of things. I start my morning with two drops of the Calmfetti in my smoothie to ease into the day in a relaxed state. For menstrual cramps, an additional 1-2 drops helps alleviate the discomfort better than anything else I've tried. When I need a good night's sleep, I reach for the Slumber Party. This stuff works and I don't go a day without it!

  • Max B., product: slice of calm™ 300 mg

    Obsessed with these drops, they're the perfect thing to end the day with. I usually take them about an hour before bed and you really feel a subtle sense of relaxation wash over you. It's perfect for someone who has trouble falling asleep but doesn't want to take pills. No grogginess the next morning either. And they have just the perfect little hint of minty chocolate goodness, so it's kind of like a little sweet dessert before bed! Overall these are excellent for people who want just a bit help unwinding at the end of the day. Love them, highly recommend.